Tallyup Rentals

"Tallyup Rentals" is a bespoke version of an already unique accounts recording system designed by an Edinburgh firm of Accountants to streamline the annual accounts preparation and tax return completion for Landlords.

"Tallyup Rentals" has been specifically tailored to suit both the Property Manager and the Landlord to record monthly income and expenditure reports onto a web-based accounts system which compiles and completes (month to month) a sophisticated profit and loss statement, and tax calculation for easy translation into the annual tax return each April.

This brilliant but easy recording system can even calculate the annual tax due payable taking into account the Landlord’s specific circumstances; multiple properties, holiday lets and other incomes, etc.

Key Points to Note

Simple to use by the Property Manager and their Landlord clients.

Secure access via the web using client password only.

Avoids last minute panic and paper chasing by the landlords client trying to piece all the income and expenses together, and saves the Property Managers duplication at the year end.

Incredible value to the landlord client … who more than likely already pays much more just to get their tax return sent under old fashioned accountancy and tax methods.

Last but not least … the "Tallyup Rentals" client also has easy access to other Tallyup recording programs (fantastic for self-employed clients), and an on-hand professional accountancy support team for general advice throughout the year.

Tallyup systems are designed and supported by Gillespie Accountancy LLP