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Tally Up is an accounts system which can be used by any self-employed small business that is not-registered for VAT.

Taxi Operators

Taxi-Tally Up was designed for the self-employed taxi driver user. The system allows drivers to log their relevant business income, from cash takings to contracts, rentals and gratuities. They can also record expenses and overheads including:

  • Fuel & oil
  • Loans & insurance
  • Running costs & repairs
  • Radio dues & subscriptions
  • Airport & station charges
  • Professional fees & license costs

Taxi-Tally Up processes accounts in real time, generating tax predictions and profit projections. The system is totally secure and monitored monthly by our experienced taxi accounts technician. Only the driver and our technician can access the accounts for amendment or approval, before the figures are finalised and sent to HMRC.

Taxi-Tally Up comes with added taxi related benefits including free accident and loss of earnings claims; free advice on taxi license sale or purchase; and additional audit check to assist in preventing possible HMRC investigation.


The self-employed dentist or dental technician will find Tally Up's bespoke data entry fields perfect for regular accounts recording. The unique design enables the dentist to record their relevant incomes and expenditures per week, month, or quarter without unnecessary forms or data fields.

Our Tally Up technician, working tirelessly behind the scenes, knows to expect specific items of shared expenditure within the dental practice, and the system is programmed to directly treat superannuation payments. The dentist or technician therefore has the added comfort of knowing that their accounts completion, and our predicted tax statements, are always going to be accurate.

Self Employed Tradesman (non-VAT)

No two trades are the same; so why settle for a generic accounts system? Tally Up recognises the unique aspects in each trade and has tailored entry fields to suit all manner of trades including:

  • Electricians
  • Plasterers
  • Plumbers
  • General Builders
  • Painters
  • Roofers

Tally Up enables the tradesman to enter the incomes and expenditures relevant only to his own trade. With flexible, online accounts recordings, data can be entered at any time with real time updates and immediate feedback. Interim accounts, annual projections, and tax predictions are instantaneous, and our Tally Up technician is always on hand to look out for errors and provide assistance when necessary.

Financial Consultants

Tally Up is well suited to the self employed or fee based Financial Consultant. VAT is rarely an issue for the Financial Advisor, so there is no limit to his gross earnings, which can be recorded using the Tally Up accounts system.

The bespoke income and expenditure fields are based on a variation of accounts from Financial Consultants and IFA's, and cover all the data necessary to build a comprehensive Statement of Accounts.

As every good professional requires, Tally Up calculates how much tax and National Insurance is chargeable on Financial Consultants' monthly profits, and projects their annual accounts. In other words… total information and total control at the press of a button.