Tally Up Online Business Records System

When you think about it keeping Accounts records is all about being organised. Some people find it easier than others to be organised, and others who have managed to get themselves organised somehow later just stop being organised.

Our Tally-Up Accountancy systems are all about helping our clients getting themselves organised and staying organised. Hopefully most of our clients will enjoy this organised bliss, and like the idea of keeping their business records in a system which is easy to work with, and comes with lots of back-up support and valuable reports half yearly!


Part of the fun involved with our system is simplicity. It is easy to use because it is totally bespoke (i.e. it was designed specifically for your trade). The record entries that you make are consistent with thousands of similar types of records entries been made over the years by other people with exactly the same sources of income and expenditures as yourself.

Whilst the income figures are a reflection of what you yourself earned, the actual items of expenditure are common to your specific trade. Having studied thousands of such trading accounts we are able to recognise the consistencies and therefore know what fields apply to which sector and what entry fields to offer your trade.

We have also tried to make the system fool-proof which sounds impossible but is worth trying for.

To do this we ask our clients to enter their Accountancy records regularly, this means for some people doing it weekly, or monthly, but for others (say taxi drivers) they may desire to enter their income and expenses daily!

Dynamix Reporting

These daily, weekly, monthly records are instantly received by our website, captured by our Accountancy Software and retained as individual accounts. These records build up into half yearly reports and are returned to the client showing both the interim state of play and a projection for the whole year based on these figures.

These interim/projection reports are issued every six months! and provide our clients with regular informed feed back showing the affect of their own accountancy record entries. These reports also indicate how the likely annual accounts position will look should these figures be maintained throughout the accounts year.

These reports will prove invaluable to clients requiring accurate figures for bank lending purposes, mortgages, and especially for those families claiming tax credits.

Entry mistakes can be amended at any time simply by e-mailing us the amended data. Furthermore only the client sees the reports and annual draft accounts to allow for possible further adjustments if they have got the big picture wrong.

Simple Solution

Finally the client can arrange for the accounts to be finalised, tax liabilities to be calculated, tax returns to be filed online, and income figures for tax credits claims to be confirmed. From start to finish everything we do is kept simple and explained in plain English. No bamboozling terminology will be deployed and any technical stuff will be done by us behind the scenes.

To summarise this system is smart enough to deal with your book keeping requirements, your accountancy obligations, work your tax out, and satisfy the tax man.

We believe it is a system which is fun to use, but clever enough to give you the assurance that it will get the job done.

The unique element of Tally-Up is the constant support it comes with. No other accounts recording system comes with a team of accountants constantly scrutinising the entries and preparing summary reports.