Having used the Taxi - Tally-up Accounts recording system for three months, I am not only prepared to give a glowing testimonial to its design, but I intend recommending the system to the entire 800 strong workforce of taxi drivers within Edinburgh City Cabs.

Furthermore, those students attending the City Cab taxi school for learning the Edinburgh Taxi Street Test will also be shown how easy it is to keep good taxi account records using Taxi - Tally-up.

The benefits attached to the system are so perfectly adapted to the specific needs of the Edinburgh taxi driver, that they need look no further for the most complete taxi accounts product I have ever seen.

George Aird, Chairman, Edinburgh City Cabs

I was introduced to the Tally-up system earlier this year by accident. My own Accountant does not offer any similar online services, but I had heard about the Tally-up system from an ex-colleague.

So impressed I am with the system that I have asked my own team of IFAs and consultants to attend the Tally-up seminars in order that they too can use the accounts system, and even promote it.

As a method of recording the relevant data, ie fee accounts and commissions, and day-to-day business expenses, the system is not only sophisticated but actually fun to use.


Alan Watson, Senior Partner, Stockbridge Mortgage Group

I must confess that I was originally more than slightly dubious about my own capabilities and venturing into the use of a web-based Accounts system, having always kept my business records manually.

However, not only am I impressed with the Tally-up system; I have become a total convert. The reason for my complete reversal of opinions is that the system is so easy (even for me). So not only am I quite chuffed with myself, I know how much tax to budget for next year.


Joe Blackie, J B Roofing and Building Contractors