Taxi-Tally Up £195 plus VAT

Taxi-Tally Up is a street-wise, knowledgeable adaptation of the innovative Tally Up accounts recording system created specifically for the Edinburgh City Cab operation. Co-designed by Gillespie's taxi team and the Board at City Cabs, Taxi-Tally Up caters for every accountancy aspect a city taxi operator requires in any trading year.

Suits You for only £195 plus VAT

A fully comprehensive package of services to cover; interim and final accounts, tax returnand payments, business planning and budgeting, loss of earnings, claims Company House affairs. Tally Up's taxi team also offers support for taxi drivers wishing to get into or leave the business, without tax problems.

Please note that this is not a remote annual online Tax Return Completion service. Taxi-Tally Up is real support on all tax and accountancy matters relevant to the Edinburgh City Cab operators, backed by an accountancy firm with 23 years experience.

For only £195 plus VAT

A comprehensive menu of accountancy services:

  • Online ccounts recording accessible 24/7.
  • Instant online feedback, interim accounts tax prediction and profit projections.
  • Annual Tax Return Completion, tax calculation, and full online submission.
  • Online message board for personal email contact with Gillespie, universal blogs important industry matters, and access to the Gillespie newsletter.
  • Accident related loss of earnings claims.
  • Company House documentation assistance for dormant limited companies.
  • One free consultation with Gillespie Accountancy Partner to assist with any financial, accountancy, taxi related matters; including buying selling a taxi business board whilst still saving on tax.
  • HMRC Investigation Enquiry Cover, including all enquiry work fees, £50 per annual premium (payable on plan commencement).