Blogs - November 2010

Date: 23 Nov 2010
Category: Points of View

Picture this scenario: a tax inspector and a taxi driver meet up at Haymarket. It sounds like the start of a joke... except it’s not, and it’s definitely not funny. Let’s meet the two protagonists of this story. First, the Taxi Driver. Much maligned and generally misconstrued as being too street-smart, too opportunistic, and making much more money than they own up to. Whilst the majority of taxi drivers in Edinburgh do not deserve that reputation, the fact is that they are an easy target to bemoan. Furthermore, they are an easy enquiry target for HMRC to pick on! Secondly, the HM Inspector of Taxes. Also much maligned and generally perceived as having undergone a personality bypass. With a popularity rating now only ahead of bankers, the average tax inspector does not expect too many dinner party invitations from ex-school chums now pursuing a self-employed career. It is amazing that tax inspectors always assume taxi drivers get lots of tips; when they themselves... Read more